Michael Mbaya is based in Johannesburg and shoots all over South Africa.
He fell in love with photography during his varsity years. All of his knowledge of photography is entirely self taught which is a testament to his work and dedication to the craft.

Michael chose to follow his dreams and become a full time photographer. He has a genuine love for the creative art, emotions, poetry and a genuine love for people which is always reflected in his work. He has a passion for helping others pursue their visions and improve their business.

Michael is currently a Johannesburg based humanitarian photographer but also shoots lifestyle, commercial, fashion and editorial photography. He mostly shoots creative portraiture and documentary which gives him flexibility and adaptability between a range of different shoots. Michael enjoys more organic and natural imagery and tries to bring out as much emotion from the subject as possible.  The more candid, the more natural and the more raw the moment is, this is where his work excels best. His goal for each and every shoot is to cultivate a relaxed and fun atmosphere allowing his photos to be more natural, spontaneous and emotive. Michael tries to make the experience of shooting with him as fun and as truly unique for all his clients as possible.

He has about  8 years of shooting  experience. Michael has included a complimentary engagement shoot in all of his wedding packages which allows us to get to know each other before the big day. This also gives couples an idea of what to expect come wedding day and helps clients feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

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